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Health Requirements 

The Cape of Good Hope Convention enables the opportunity for many to travel to South Africa to experience a once in a life time visit and it is more important than ever before to seriously consider travel insurance.


Even though the first heart transplant was done in Cape Town many, many years ago at Groote Schuur, a government hospital, it is worth mentioning that our government hospitals today are not in a good standard and, therefore, in case of emergency medical issues, you would not want to find yourself in a government hospital. Travel insurance is a must to cover any eventuality. Our private hospitals are good.


Also, check in the country of origin what the requirement are for entering South Africa. The Embassy should have all this information.


With reference to vaccinations:

COVID-19 vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 test results is no longer a requirement for entry into the country.

Note: Visiting sightseeing locations such as the Kruger National Park to view game might need malaria vaccination.


We look forward welcoming you to The Cape of Good Hope.

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