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Hotel Guidelines

Please read carefully. Contact us if you are uncertain about anything. 

The Hotels where the believers will be residing for the duration of the convention are the Southern Sun Newlands Hotel and the Noordhoek Hotel.


The addresses are:


Southern Sun Newlands

7 Main Road, Newlands,
Cape Town,
7700, WCP                                                                         


Noordhoek Hotel
6 Village Lane,
Cape Town



The duration of the convention is from Wednesday 17 April 2024 to Sunday, 21 April 2024, the 21st of April being the tour. The service days are from 17th April to the 20th April.

The check-in date for the Convention is Tuesday 16 April, and the check-out date is Monday 22 April.


Southern Sun Newlands room types:

There are two room types.

  1. Room with a double bed                   

  2. Room with two double beds


Rooms with one double bed:

There are 45 of these rooms. These are either for 1 person in the room or a couple.


Rooms with two double beds:

There are 45 of these rooms. These are rooms with two double beds. Sharing is comfortable and we will use our discretion when allocating these rooms. 

If we run out of these rooms and you are willing to share a double bed with another believer, then you are welcome to do so.


Noordhoek Room types

Please note that the Noordhoek hotel is reserved for the key offices of the International Convention such as deacons, technicians, trustees, and musicians. We shall be consulting before allocating officials to this hotel.  


Noordhoek hotel has two room types.

  1. Double rooms                   

  2. Twin rooms


Double rooms

There are only 2 of these rooms.

Twin rooms

There are 18 of these rooms. These are rooms with two three quarter beds. Sharing is comfortable and we will use our discretion when allocating these rooms. One example: Siblings staying in one room will be allocated a twin room. If you are a couple these beds can be made into one bed.


Hotels and Convention relationship explained

We have block booked 90 rooms at the Southern Sun Newlands and 20 rooms at Noordhoek hotel. Please do not do any bookings with the hotels directly as this is all centralized. The hotels will invoice the convention for all the rooms. 


The hotels will receive the relevant information needed of all the delegates staying with them beforehand. This is to simplify the checking-in process. You will need to present your passport to them upon check in.


Transport to and from the Hotel

All believers staying at the Southern Sun Hotel will be transported by luxury coaches from the hotel to the convention center, and back. These coaches will also be available between services.


Early arrivals

If you decide to arrive before the start of the convention (16 April), please make your own reservations, however, make sure that you check out on the Convention Check-in date of 16 April 2024 as the group check in will happen on the 16 April 2024. You must check in again using your convention reservation on the same day.


Late departures

If you decide to leave later (after the Convention check-out date of 22 April 2024), please make sure that you have a reservation to stay on as from the 22 April 2024 up to your departure date.


*** Should you need any assistance in doing these bookings for the extra days, we will be more than willing to assist you. Contact us here***

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