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Questions And Answers

Please read carefully. Contact us if you are uncertain about anything. 


Venue Questions


Which facilities are there at the Convention Center?


The Convention center itself has clean toilet facilities

They have a mother’s room fully equipped.

There is a play room for the kids where parents can also eat and watch the children play.  


There are two shopping malls across the road from the Convention center (walking distance) as well as fast food restaurants.


Hotel Questions

How many adults are allowed in a room?

Only two adults are allowed in a room.


What happens if a couple has 2 children?

A room with two double beds will be allocated to a couple and 2 children below the age of 18. If the one child is small enough for a cot, the hotel will provide one.


Does the Hotel provide baby cots?

Yes, they do and these are limited


What is a family room?

A family room is a room with two double beds.


Am I allowed to arrange my own accommodation?

By all means. In this case you must arrange your own transport to the Convention Venue and back. 


Registration Questions


What happens if I register after the cut-off date.

The accommodation department will try their best to make a way and find accommodation for you.


Is there a way to confirm my registration?

Yes, you will receive an Invoice with the package option that you have chosen. If the Invoice is incorrect, you are allowed to request the change and we will send you a new invoice.  


Finance Questions


What are the payment terms?

50% deposit is required 27 December 2023 else you lose your room. 

The other 50% is payable no later than 23 February 2024.


What happens to my funds if I do not arrive for the Convention on the day of check in?

You lose all your funds. You lose the full amount, not just the deposit.


Do I make my payments directly to the Hotel?

NO, This is a block booking and your funds is managed and reconciled by the Finance team in South Africa. Pay into the Church Account. ALWAYS SPECIFY YOUR PASSPORT NUMBER AS YOUR REFERENCE NUMBER WHEN DOING PAYMENTS.


Catering questions


Do I have to take the Catering option?

No you do not have take catering. It is an option. You can go accross the road and get McDonalds. 


Can I purchase food from across the road, at Mcdonalds and eat in the dining hall?

You may buy food from the fast food restaurants and eat in the dinning hall. Those who are taking the catering options have first preference to the limited space in the dinning hall. 


Can I enjoy free coffee at the coffee station if I have not taken the catering option?

Coffee station is for those taking the catering option. 


Transport Questions


If I arrange my own accommodation, how will I find my way to the Convention center?

Make use of Uber


How do I get to the Airport on the day of check-out?

We will be arranging Airport Transfers to the Hotel at a cost. 


How to I get from the Hotel to the Convention center and back?

We have provided Luxury coaches and the cost is included. These luxury coaches are available to us for the entire duration of the convention. After drop off they remain at the site.


Earlier and Later Arrivals and Departures


If I plan to arrive earlier?

If you plan to arrive before the official arrival date then you must make your own arrangements, OR you can let our accommodation team do your accommodation arrangements according to your requirements.


If I check out later depart later than the official check out date?

You do your own arrangements OR you are welcome to let our accommodation team take care of your accommodation arrangements. 

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