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Shalom Saints,


Thank you for visiting our page regarding the upcoming convention in Cape Town South Africa, during the month of April 2024. We are truly excited and looking forward to welcoming you to the Cape of Good Hope Convention 2024. The following is a summarised version of the important information pertaining to travelling to South Africa from abroad.


International Airports


There are two main international airports that you will probably use to land in South Africa i.e., Johannesburg or Cape Town. Those arriving via Johannesburg will then need to take a connecting flight to Cape Town. The flight to Cape Town is about 50 minutes to an hour, depending on air traffic and the weather. Believers stopping in Johannesburg to please let the us know of their flight details if stopping overnight or spending a day or two in Johannesburg.



Travelling from the Airport to the Hotel


The planning team will put a program in place to secure the safety of all believers coming to the Convention. Believers who have registered to stay at the hotel will be transported from the airport to the Hotel. There will be somebody at the Cape Town International Airport to welcome the believers and direct them to the shuttle service for the hotel. Believers who will be using alternative accommodation, outside of the convention arrangements, to please let the organisers be aware of their arrival, departure and accommodation details.


Check-in at the Hotel

Please note that check in at the Hotel is from 14h00 local time. You would need to produce your reservation number as per your accommodation letter from the hotel. Please note that your stay includes breakfast in the morning. Lunch and dinner will be served at the convention venue.


Country Summary Information

South Africa is a relatively a safe country, but it is going through several social birth pains at the moment. There is some violent crime, armed robbery, rape, carjacking, mugging, and "smash-and-grab" attacks on vehicles. Believers are therefore encouraged to exercise increased caution and be aware of their immediate surroundings. However, a higher risk of violent crime is in the central business districts of major cities after dark. Sometimes there are demonstrations, protests, and strikes. These can develop quickly without prior notification, often interrupting traffic, transportation, and other services. Such events have the potential to turn violent.

Tips to stay safe:

  • Avoid walking alone, especially after dark.

  • Avoid visiting informal settlement or crowded areas unless you are with someone familiar with the area.

  • Do not display cash or valuables.

  • Drive with doors locked and windows closed.

Political Activity


The country is gearing for general elections in May 2024. Whilst this is usually a very controlled and a safe affair, it might cause traffic interruptions and some inconvenience. So just be aware of your surroundings and avoid large social/political gatherings.


Other Challenges

Water and Electricity are used sparingly in the country due to some challenges. Therefore, there is what we call water and electricity shedding. This basically means that these services might not necessarily be available through day and night. There will be some interruption in their provision at some point in the day or night, though there is a schedule that indicates the times when there will be interruptions. However, many business now have alternative plans to keep these services available in their establishments to ensure continuity of their businesses. So, such interruptions will be minimal.


Travelling to other parts of the country

Travelling to the other parts of the country is relatively accessible i.e., planes, buses, trains and minibus taxis. South Africa is a middle-income country with good infrastructure in the big cities and with the least or next to nothing in the rural areas. So, travelling between cities is relatively smooth and affordable but highly expensive moving into the rural areas. The safety and affordability of travelling using the different modes of transport differs with each mode of transport. Minibus taxis are the most affordable but highly unsafe, with the rest on a sliding scale. Visiting sightseeing locations such as the Kruger National Park to view game might need malaria vaccination. Kindly contact the Convention team for assistance and advice if you might be travelling to the other parts of the country prior or after the convention.


We trust and hope you find this information helpful and thus help you in making better preparations for your journey to the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.


For more information on the above, kindly consult the South African government website at



The Preparations Team

Cape of Hood Hope Convention 2024

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